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Nothing significant can be achieved by flying solo. We understand our role in the real estate ecosystem, and we want to co-develop new homeownership solutions with innovative and purpose-driven partners.

Value proposition for our partners

The value proposition for our mutual customers is more affordable homeownership and sustainable finance based on equity, not debt. Adress Home Equity contributes to lower need for debt and potentially less interest rate costs for our customers -  and lower risk on their homeownership journey, since they share it with Adress.  

With our Home Equity product we are unlocking a new opportunity for your sales - you will be generating more leads and transactions while contributing to a collaborative effort to make a sustainable impact in society and the economy.

Who we are working with

We are working with partners in the real estate ecosystem, such as banks, real estate agencies, real estate developers and investors.

Our product provides value to the whole value chain; agents enjoy a new marketing tool, banks get lower risk exposure towards customers, developers are able to sell more projects, real estate fund investors get both a good financial return and sustainability impact; while our mutual customers win.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are you partnering with?

We are working with and looking for partners such as real estate agencies, banks, fund managers, real estate investors, real estate developers, family offices, foundations, endowments, insurance companies, venture investors and data providers.

Do you need a license to operate this business?

To offer this solution we need to have a balance sheet, meaning enough capital to be able to provide the product to our customers, the homeowners. That capital comes from investors in our fund, the limited partners. The fund management activity is regulated and requires a registration with the Norwegian FSA. The company is regulated and registered with the Norwegian FSA.

Are you regulated by the FSA?

Yes, we are regulated and registered with the Norwegian FSA.

How can we work together?

This depends on the category of partnership that we are looking to set up. It might be sales and distribution partnership on the homeowner side, or it might be limited partnership on the fund side. It might even be a supporting service that we need.

Finding the right solutions is important but we are confident about our ability in the craft. However, what is most important is that we share equal values and the vision for creating a positive impact in the society.