Adress offers home co-ownership
How it works

We help you with equity downpayment for your new home

Unlike a loan, there is no added debt, monthly payments, or interest. We will buy up to 10% of your new home, and you buy the rest. In return, we share your home’s value appreciation or depreciation when you decide to sell.

Access your equity

Invite us to be co-owner in your home and we can participate with up to 10% of your home value.


Silent co-owner

We will become a silent co-owner and you can live and use your home as you wish with all usual rights attached to the ownership of your home. We will not charge any interest or installments.


Shared appreciation

When you decide to sell your home or our agreement ends, you keep your initial ownership value and we share the potential appreciated value. You get 75% and we get 25% of the appreciated value. We share in the downside as well, providing you with extra safety if the value drops. We are in this together and if you gain, we gain.


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Adress invests today


This estimate is for illustrative purposes only and assumes a well-qualified homeowner with some equity.

Cost of investment

1 Year
1 year
10 years

In exchange, Adress will recover 25% of the appreciated value.

Adress will charge a one time transaction fee on the investment amount. The example excludes additional costs and fees associated with a mortgage and other services that are not provided by Adress.

This is an estimate of a potential future value of you home based on different assumptions of appreciation or depreciation over time. It is an example for illustrative purposes only.
This is your share before the potential mortgage loan is paid back.
The amount that is recovered by Adress, our initial investment plus 25% of potential appreciation. In case of a depreciation, we will share the loss of our initial ownership.

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"For us as first-time buyers, it has been equity that stands between us and the dream home. With Adress we can not only buy the home we want, but also have money left over for other things we need."

Andreas (26) & Hannah (28)
Looking for an apartment in Oslo

Working with us helps you realize your desired home purchase.


Working with us helps you realize your desired home purchase.

We Have Equity

We buy up to 10% of your current or future home.

Not a Loan

No interest rate and no monthly instalments. Ever.

Flexible Solution

Buy us out at any time during the agreement period. Some conditions apply.

Shared Appreciation

We share both an increase in value and a possible reduction in value for the home.

Your Home

We are a quiet partner, and you can live in your home without thinking about us.

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Frequently asked questions

If I partner with Adress, who owns the home?

You control the property and receive the benefits of home ownership, such as occupancy rights and tax deductions. Adress fund will have real ownership, is a minority owner and has no rights of occupancy. Rather, we share a portion of the future change in value of the home, as a co-owner. We secure our ownership the same way traditional investors do, and in our case we become only passive minority co-owners of your home.

What is co-ownership and how does it work?

Traditionally, buying or owning a home means that you need to put down 15% equity to get a loan from the bank for the first property. This requirement is 40% for the second property. This equity needs to come in the form of savings, or a guarantee from your parents, relatives, etc.

Adress offers another way to access equity by investing alongside you, providing you with a cash payment today in exchange for a share in your home’s future change in value. If the home goes up in value, we both gain. If it goes down in value, Adress shares in the loss.

At the start of your agreement with Adress, we will discount the market value of your existing or future home with a small risk adjustment. We will do this to protect our investment. From there we will make our co-investment, giving you money for up to 10% of the home's value.

How is the Adress share calculated at the end of the agreement?

When you sell your home, you will need to pay us the amount of our original investment, plus or minus our share of your home's change in value. Adress will recover 25% of a potential appreciated value. We are bearing a risk together with you, helping you leverage your equity, taking a risk that you will be paying your mortgage in time and that you will be prudent with our co-owned property. We are not charging an interest or any installments during the contract period. Therefore, In order to justify our investment, we will need to share a higher upside than our initial ownership, in our case 25% of the appreciated value for 10% initial stake. Please use our calculator for an illustration.

Can I sell my home whenever I want?

Yes, but only after the restriction period of two years has passed. We are making a long term commitment and need to protect our investment.

Can I buy your share from you during the period?

Yes. You can choose to buy us out after your restriction period passes. If you choose to buy out our stake, we will use an independent third-party appraisal to determine the fair market value of your property at the time. If you buy us out, Adress does not share in any potential decrease in your home's value during the first three years.

What are the fees associated with the deal from Adress?

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for a homebuyer or home owner. Adress will deduct a processing fee of 4-5% from the investment. We will never charge interest or monthly payments.

Where do the funds come from?

We are going to work with professional investors like life and pension or insurance funds who want to make long-term investments in homes across the country. Both you and Adress benefit if the home increases in value, and we both lose if the home decreases in value. We are in the same boat and we see this as a win-win situation for both you and Adress.

When are you launching?

We are still working to put everything in place legally and funding wise before we launch.

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