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We pioneer solutions that enable a more flexible, sustainable and inclusive housing for everyone.

Housing prices are rising like never before and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for first time buyers to find their dream home, or even get the chance to enter the housing market at all.

The state of the housing market makes it very difficult for home buyers who don’t have large savings or parents who can help them out. Ultimately it means that they enter the wealth creation through real estate ownership much later - or never at all - and are unable to climb the economic ladder at the pace of their peers. If this continues, the inequality in our society will inevitably be fueled further.

At Adress we want to level the playing field by co-investing and letting new homeowners share a small portion of their home equity in return for a shared appreciation upside (or depreciation downside).

This is an obvious first step in creating a more balanced and liquid housing market for all to benefit from - and at Adress we only partner with long-term financing partners that are looking to pair social impact with sustainable financial gains.

At a later stage we envision that this new model will also help existing homeowners free up cash to make improvements on their homes, pay off expensive debt, start a business, get more financial freedom during retirement and more.


Our beliefs

Equality and financial inclusion

Means we want to level the playing field, so more people can get access to the value creation that happens in society through property ownership. We see a great divide widening right in front of us formed by a skewed (real estate) price-to-income ratio - further fueled by a great wealth transfer from boomers to millennial's, which will push many out of the market and leave them in sub par housing conditions.

Sustainable lives

Most people appreciate being able to acquire and own their own home, rather than renting it. For us, the sustainable development of society means that this wish can be fulfilled. Homeownership is important for many, to achieve financial security and faith in the future. Shelter is basic human need, and it is experienced better to live in an owned home than in a rented home. We are striving to be a contributor so that the key to your own home can be unlocked. This is simply our driving force.


Nothing big can be achieved in solitude. We understand our role in the real estate ecosystem, and that it’s our obligation to drive the change we wish to see with like-minded, strong partners.

Who we are

Our core team

Adress was founded in 2020 by a mixed team of passionate impact entrepreneurs and young, energetic builders who want to change the housing deadlock.
Nedim Mavric
Co-founder & CEO
Nedim Mavric
Mira Wannebo
Mira Wannebo
Vibecke Hverven
Board Member
Vibecke Hverven
Ingar S Bentsen
Investor & Board Member
Ingar S Bentsen
Simon Dobas
Board Member
Simon Dobas
Sead Bajrovic
Partner & Board Member
Sead Bajrovic
Steve Mellbye-Stølen
Board Member
Steve Mellbye-Stølen
Mads Hemdorff Møberg
Venture Design Partner
Mads Hemdorff Møberg

Our partners

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Frequently asked questions

If I partner with Adress, who owns the home?

You control the property and receive the benefits of home ownership, such as occupancy rights and tax deductions. Adress fund will have real ownership, is a minority owner and has no rights of occupancy. Rather, we share a portion of the future change in value of the home, as a co-owner. We secure our ownership the same way traditional investors do, and in our case we become only passive minority co-owners of your home.

What is co-ownership and how does it work?

Traditionally, buying or owning a home means that you need to put down 15% equity to get a loan from the bank for the first property. This requirement is 40% for the second property. This equity needs to come in the form of savings, or a guarantee from your parents, relatives, etc.

Adress offers another way to access equity by investing alongside you, providing you with a cash payment today in exchange for a share in your home’s future change in value. If the home goes up in value, we both gain. If it goes down in value, Adress shares in the loss.

At the start of your agreement with Adress, we will discount the market value of your existing or future home with a small risk adjustment. We will do this to protect our investment. From there we will make our co-investment, giving you money for up to 10% of the home's value.

How is the Adress share calculated at the end of the agreement?

When you sell your home, you will need to pay us the amount of our original investment, plus or minus our share of your home's change in value. Adress will recover 25% of a potential appreciated value. We are bearing a risk together with you, helping you leverage your equity, taking a risk that you will be paying your mortgage in time and that you will be prudent with our co-owned property. We are not charging an interest or any installments during the contract period. Therefore, In order to justify our investment, we will need to share a higher upside than our initial ownership, in our case 25% of the appreciated value for 10% initial stake. Please use our calculator for an illustration.

Can I sell my home whenever I want?

Yes, but only after the restriction period of two years has passed. We are making a long term commitment and need to protect our investment.

Can I buy your share from you during the period?

Yes. You can choose to buy us out after your restriction period passes. If you choose to buy out our stake, we will use an independent third-party appraisal to determine the fair market value of your property at the time. If you buy us out, Adress does not share in any potential decrease in your home's value during the first three years.

What are the fees associated with the deal from Adress?

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for a homebuyer or home owner. Adress will deduct a processing fee of 4-5% from the investment. We will never charge interest or monthly payments.

Where do the funds come from?

We are going to work with professional investors like life and pension or insurance funds who want to make long-term investments in homes across the country. Both you and Adress benefit if the home increases in value, and we both lose if the home decreases in value. We are in the same boat and we see this as a win-win situation for both you and Adress.

When are you launching?

We are still working to put everything in place legally and funding wise before we launch.

Get in touch or sign up for interest and we will keep you updated.

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